Queen Of Diamonds

Hollywood is a suction for your confidence or your faith or your togetherness. Just walking on the street you can feel it.

– Robin Wright


The wage gap is not going to disappear on its own. Hollywood is famous for paying women actors less than their male counterparts. Robin Wright is an actress known for her roles in House of Cards and Forest Gump. Her voice is one of many in the fight to close the wage gap. She is at the center of this discussion as she battles to receive payment for what she is truly worth.

House of Cards is a Netflix series in which Robin Wright stars opposite Kevin Spacey. She had discovered that Spacey had been making more than she does. She then began to follow the statistics  and her character, Claire Underwood, had been consistently more popular among viewers. She’s in every episode, and truly shares the small screen with her co-star. It was with this knowledge that she saw her opportunity to get every penny she is worth.


I’m tired of biting my tongue. – Robin Wright


Robin Wright’s initiative is a victory for women in a fight that we often feel like we are losing.


Maybe I’m a control freak. – Robin Wright


Wright is showing other women in the industry that you can fight for equal pay. That any woman can fight for what they are worth. That you should fight for yourself. That knowing your worth and pushing for it isn’t selfish or greedy. It’s about being a smart business professional… Men do it… It’s time women do too.

Renewed for a 5th season, House of Cards will continue to feature Robin Wright and Kevin Spacey. This time, the two will truly be co-stars as they are (in monetary terms) valued equally.






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