Behind The Camera

“I’m still confounded by how few female directors there are. I don’t get it.”

– Stacey Snider

In 2015 the DGA (The Directors Guild of America) found women only made up 16% of all first-time Episodic TV Directors hired that year. In 2016 the DGA found that the jump in hiring of women was only by 3%. This means that even in what has been dubbed “The Best Year For Female Directors,” men still vastly dominate the field.

This same study also found that only 14% of overall first-time hires were of Ethnic Minorities. This statist not only shows that the feel of directing is dominated by men, but also by Caucasians.


While the number appears surprising, should we actually be shocked? Systematic racism and sexism oozes within our society.  It only seems fair that it would be reflected in a high ranking position of Director. While Hollywood would appear to liberal in its views, it is very much conservative.

slated article


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